Caledonia Strength was created to promote and provide opportunities for young people in Scotland to safely engage in strength-based training to support their physical, mental and emotional health, wellbeing and development. We also aim to support and provide opportunities for our young people to engage in strength sports such as powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strongman and highland games.

Our mission statement... 

To do social good by helping young people live healthier, happier lives and realise their fullest potential by giving them new opportunities to grow, develop and achieve.

At Caledonia Strength our core values are...

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Empowerment

  • Enjoyment

Our ambition is...

  1. To engage with young people in schools and community settings to provide greater opportunities for engagement in physical activity and sport. 

  2. To combat health inequalities by making our services easily accessible to young people from deprived backgrounds and those who would benefit the most.

  3. To empower young people with the skills, knowledge, and physical literacy required to stay healthy and maintain a physically active lifestyle into adulthood.

  4. To build our community across Scotland by working in partnership with other privately owned gyms and organisations focused on the development of young people's health and wellbeing.