Frequently Asked Questions...

Is strength training safe for my kids?

The short answer is yes, strength training is safe for children and young people. And this is a position supported by the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA) and several other professional organisations within the fields of sports medicine, exercise science, and paediatrics. 



Does lifting weights stunt growth?

No. This myth stems from the idea that lifting weights will damage the growth plates in long bones such as the fibula & tibia (shin bones) and femur (thigh bone). Most growth plate fractures in children and young people actually occur from falling or twisting injuries.



What are the benefits of strength training for my child?

Strength training will improve your childs muscular strength, promotes healthy bone development and reduces risk of injury when participating in other physical activities. However, there are also a number of other benefits beyond athletic performance.



Is strength training suitable for girls?

Yes absolutely! Girls will experience the same benefits (as described above) as boys from building and maintaining a good level of strength. In fact, it is perhaps more important for girls to engage in regular strength training than boys, and here's why...



What age should my child start strength training?

There is no specific recommended age for children or young people to begin taking part in formal strength training. In fact, age is a very poor indicator of readiness as children grow and develop at different rates. Instead we assess individual readiness based on their stage of physical development, current physical capability, level of maturity, and most importantly their interest in engaging in strength building activities.

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